SERVED M-F 5pm-10pm & Sa-Su 3pm-10pm**


HANDMADE BISCUIT + house jam $5

FRIED CHEESE CURDS  + tomato jam$8.5

FRIED PICKLES + remoulade $6 (v)

WINGS hot sauce, fries + ranch $10

VEGAN NOT WINGS hot sauce + fries + ranch $12 (v)  -extra drummies $3 each

CREAMY POTATO SOUP | chives, croutons$6

MIXED GREEN SALAD | mixed greens, sunflower seeds, fresh mozzarella, croutons, lemon vinaigrette, saba $10

PALOMINO SALAD fried chicken thigh, carrots, pickles, cabbage, bell peppers, greens, hot sauce, ranch$12 (v)

PBLT | pimento cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato jam, toasted hoagie, fries$11

VEGGIE PO-BOY | black-eyed pea falafel, shredded cabbage, tomato, remoulade, hoagie roll, fries$12 (v)

VEGETABLE FAROTTO | farro, baby carrots, endive, spinach oil, mozzarella $12

HOT FRIED CHICKEN | free-range chicken thigh, hot sauce, dill pickles, mayo, brioche bun, fries$12 (v)

PULLED PORK SHOULDER | Carolina BBQ sauce, cabbage slaw, brioche bun, fries $10 (v)  

CHICAGO STYLE MEATLOAF SAMMICH | tomato, pickles, onions, celery seed, hot peppers, ketchup, mustard, brioche bun fries $11

BRISKET BURGER  fresh ground brisket, American cheese, chopped onions and pickles, secret sauce, bricohe bun, fries   SINGLE $8 | DOUBLE $11 | Add bacon $1

BBQ BEEF SANDWICH | slow roasted beef, BBQ sauce, mayo, pickles, onions, brioche bun, fries$12

SIRLOIN STEAK | mustard spatzle, roasted root veggies, horseradish aioli $16

SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN  free-range, batter fried, fresh chicken - 3 pieces breast, leg and thigh – mashed potatoes and chicken gravy, broccolini, buttermilk biscuit $18(sub other sides if you’d like - extra chicken pieces $4ea)




pimento MAC + CHEESE $6 |  handmade TATER TOTS + Ranch $6 (v)

MASHED POTATOES + chicken gravy $4 |  FRENCH FRIES $4 (v)  |  BABY GREENS, carrot, fennel, radish $5

roasted BROCCOLLINI + cheddar cheese sauce, pimentos $4 | BABY CARROTS honey, cumin butter $5

BRUSSELS SPROUTS, mustard dressing $5 | mustard SPATZEL, pulled chicken, spinach $6


       **please note items on our menu change frequently - now and then the website may not have caught up with our changes


Our desserts are handmade in small batches and change daily.  Check with your server for today’s treats

Layer Cake $7 (v)   |    Cream Pie $7   |   Fruit Pie $6 (v)   |   Scratch Oatmeal Cream Pie $3 | Giant Cookies $4


A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT DELIVERY OF OUR MENU ITEMS:  Please know that our restaurants are in no way affiliated with the third party delivery service Postmates.    Postmates has taken our menus and posted them on their websites as "deliverable" without our permission.  Postmates places orders with us and then has a contracted-courier come pick it up and deliver it to you for a fee. Since these couriers are not our employees or with a company that we have willingly contracted with, we have no control over their service levels and we have no idea what happens to your food order once it leaves our doors.  We have no quality or safety control, we are unable to talk to you directly about an order placed through them and address any concerns or questions you may have.   We have asked them to remove us as options from their websites but we still appear there.  We take a great deal of pride in our products, we make them with wonderful Wisconsin ingredients and we craft our food with a lot of care.  Our menu items are not created to withstand delivery in an unknown vehicle for an unknown amount of time.  We want our customers to be happy and to enjoy every morsel we have made for you.  We choose not to do delivery of our menu items through third party services for well-considered reasons.  We hope you understand.   Peace, love and whiskey.